About the “Black Rain” Video

The video above was made in December of 2013, for the purpose of securing an audition with Soundgarden. It had just been announced that Matt Cameron would not be touring with Soundgarden in 2014. I got the video to Soundgarden’s management–who contacted me. We started communicating about what was going on with their drummer situation, but ultimately Matt Chamberlain wound up on the tour. But to even have been on the list of drummers who might have stepped in to play with Soundgarden? Pretty cool. I would call this the “failure” I am most proud of.

About the “Vic Firth 15” Video

The video above was made in one of my two drum studios in Manhattan (at BANG! The Drum School) in the summer of 2014. Vic Firth had been posting fifteen second snippets of their artists playing grooves on Instagram and it became a pretty popular promotion. I threw my hat into the ring with this clip. Fun, although my drummer face won me a few sarcastic comments on the social media. Perhaps most notable is my t-shirt, which boasts Peter Griffen saying, “we drink before we go out drinking.”