Mark is a serious player with years of experience playing in all kinds of bands in all kinds of venues. He’s also a very organized man with vast experience in the music business.

John Riley
Drummer, (John Scofield, Village Vanguard Orchestra, Joe Lovano)
Educator and Author of “The Art of Bop Drumming” and “Beyond The Art of Bop Drumming”

Mark is and always has been a student of drumming and music. He has taken music seriously his entire life. His dedication and love for the art of drumming have made him an amazing drummer.

Kenny Aronoff
Drummer (John Mellencamp, Elton John, Bob Seger, Smashing Pumpkins)

…Technically and rhythmically quite sophisticated…

Neil Peart
Drummer (RUSH)

I can highly recommend Mark Feldman as a musically versatile and experienced drummer. He plays with taste, emotion, a solid pocket and what I call the all important “song sense.” He is also a great hang and equally at home on tour or in the studio.

Simon Phillips
Drummer (Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger, The Who, Toto, Hiromi)

When I want a drummer for a recording session, Mark is my first call. He learns songs fast, can play pretty much any style and has a seriously fat groove. He doesn’t overplay, but if you want him to go off, he can do that too. And if that isn’t enough, he and the click track are best buddies. The only time I don’t use him is when I can’t afford him.

Felix McTeigue
Producer, Songwriter (Florida Georgia Line’s #1 Country Hit, “Anything Goes”)