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A Producer’s Trick for Getting a Great Drum Track

On a session a few months ago, Felix McTeigue, a great producer, played a mental trick on me in order to get a better drum track. I had listened to…

My Split Drumming Personality

I have always had a split personality as a drummer. What I mean is that I’ve always loved both the very simple groove drummers and the busy over the top…

Level 5 Ideas

…messing with some new ideas for LEVEL 5… Here is a little taste…. .

MANCIE and Level 5 News

MANCIE has two upcoming shows:1) This coming Thursday night–Thursday April 2nd–at Arlene’s Grocery, a long-time stomping ground for us. The show starts at 9pm. One really cool thing about this…

New MANCIE video from The Knitting Factory

MANCIE recently played a show at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory with two new additions to the line-up: Yuka Tadano on bass and Lily Maase on guitar. Some of the show was…

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