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Welcome to my website.

This is where you can find out what I'm up to, where I'm playing, listen to some music (past and present), check out some videos and more.

Feel free to check out the blog. I like writing about what I'm doing with my different bands, and I also write about drumming and music and the music business. If you are really into reading about drumming stuff, you should check out the blog at I post there religiously at least four times a month and there are tons of exercises, transcriptions and thoughtful drumming philosophy among the writings.

If you want to CONTACT me, go to the contact section on this website and email me.

Anyway, thanks for visiting. And come back often because I blog regularly, and my GIG schedule will always be updated with the most current info and available here. Come say "hi" to me at a show!



The Official LEVEL5 logo

And now for the logo. Every band needs one. It took a little doing. Well, the design went through several versions. The head of Mutant Cat Records, our label, is…

Drummers Resource Podcast Interview with Mark Feldman

So, the other day, I was interviewed for Nick Ruffini’s podcast on Drummer’s Resource. It was a pretty free-flowing discussion and we covered a lot of ground, including: –How to…

Preview “Sybil” from Mark Feldman’s LEVEL5 featuring Oz Noy, Will Lee and Adam Klipple

Coming this summer: “The Sybil EP.” Here’s a sneak peak at the very first track from my new band, LEVEL5. Have a listen right here. It features me on drums,…

Mark Feldman’s page on the New Vic Firth Website

A few weeks back, I went to check out the Vic Firth website, as I knew they were making some changes to it. I took a look through the “artist…

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