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Feel free to check out the blog. I like writing about what I'm doing with my different bands, and I also write a lot about drumming and music and the music business and other stuff. The blog is a way, in this weird online world, for you to get a little better understanding of who I am, my personality and what I'm thinking about.

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Anyway, thanks for visiting. And come back often because I blog pretty much every single week, and my GIG schedule will always be updated and available here. There will be new videos, music, musings, drum stuff and more posted all the time....I plan on staying busy and I want to tell YOU about all of it!



MANCIE at The Bitter End

The Bitter End has such history. ┬áThe place has been around since before I was born. ┬áBob Dylan, Curtis Mayfield, Lady Gaga, Jackson Browne, Neil Diamond and even Woody Allen…

Why I’ve Been Saying No Lately

If you look at my gig calendar you’ll see a bunch of different projects. I’ve been playing in a lot of bands. I started to feel a bit out of…

MANCIE at The Paper Box

Just a quick update to let you know about our upcoming show at The Paper Box. The details: When: Saturday, September 6th, at 7:50 pm Where: The Paper Box, 17…

The ROCKET QUEENS on August 21st

This coming Thursday night I will be playing Steven Adler in The Rocket Queens! The Rocket Queens is a world class Guns N Roses tribute band. Oh, yeah, AND it’s…

Recording Session at Inner Ear Studios

On Saturday August 9th, I will be playing drums on a recording session for artist Noah Thomas at the famed Inner Ear Recording Studios in Arlington, Virgina. Noah is a…

MANCIE in The Deli Magazine

I am not in NYC as I write this but my friend Lauren Stockner keeps telling me people are texting her the word “dolphin” and she wants to know why….

Feldie’s Featured Tracks #1

It excites me to be able to play different styles of music. I’ve always felt that being able to play many varied styles well would allow me to play with…

Vic Firth Posts My VF15

Last night I was out for dinner with my girlfriend Andrea and our friend Birdie, who happens to be an astrology expert. “You know,” Birdie said, “tonight the moon is…


BANG! The Drum School

I founded BANG! The Drum School in 2009. If you are thinking about lessons, Click Here for NYC's #1 Drum Teaching Studio.



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