Listening Guide

I kind of hate classifying stuff. Music is art. BUT, since the Soundcloud player below has grown to a whole lot of tracks, and you may wish to hear only my playing of a particular style, let me give you a little guide so you can listen to the kind of stuff you’re interested in:

NEW! My new band LEVEL5: LEVEL5’s “Swagger” & “Sybil” — Songs written by Oz Noy, with MF, Will Lee and Adam Klipple playing on the track.

POP:David D’Alessio’s “Believe” and “Move Mountains,” MANCIE’s “I Saw Stars” and “When The Lights Are Out.”

JAZZ: THE MF3’s “The One Step” (by Chick Corea) –jump to 4:30 for the “Uptempo” Section!

PROG: It Factor’s “Fainting In Coils” and “Blood Sucking Leeches.” VIDEO: Click on the word Soundgarden to watch MF playing that obscure and awesome Soundgarden tune “Black Rain” SOUNDGARDEN

HARD ROCK: Electric Black Horse’s “Cheap Party Favors” and MANCIE’s “Lonely Road.”

METAL: It Factor’s “Vavoom.”

STRAIGHT UP ROCK: MANCIE’s “L.E.S. Artistes” (Santigold cover), “Hey Brooklyn” and “Unite.”

COUNTRY: Hearts and Minds’ “House of Love.”

DRUM SOLOS: (Hey, wait! Where are you going?! ha ha ha!): “Modern Drummer Solo”